Wash your hair with rosemary. Drink lavender tea when you cannot sleep. Know that the only remedy for love is to love more.


Headquarted in San Diego, California and online world wide, Franny and Jet is a skincare and lifestyle goods brand that inspires you to add a little practical magic into your everyday life. We provide Autumn lovers, plant-based believers, natural living lovers and practical magic seekers with a selection of handcrafted skincare, home products, and found objects from travel adventures.

Drawing inspiration from the story of the Owens sisters in both Practical Magic and The Rules of Magic (by author Alice Hoffman) and the inspiring beauty of New England in Autumn, Franny and Jet combines the principles of natural living, eco-friendly practices, responsibly sourced ingredients, herbalism, and slow living to bring magic and self care into everyday life.

The line between herbalism and magic is thin; the transformation of earthy materials through infusion, just as there’s a practicality in the blending of herbs and ingredients in spells. The creation of a skincare product and the creation of a spell are close like sisters, but, it's a balance that must be struck between the practical and the magical in order to be attained.

Since launching in 2015, Franny and Jet has focused on offering truly natural skin and home care products, handcrafted in small batches from ingredients grown in our own gardens, responsibly wildcrafted and sourced from trusted small farms and suppliers. Combining a focus on traditional techniques with an ingredient transparancy policy, Franny and Jet takes great pride in being a woman-owned small business. 



Owner and Founder, Kevan Christine (KC), has always been inspired by the possibility of magic. Diagnosed at a very young age with chronic migraines, KC has always been extremely sensitive to chemically-based fragrances and products of all kinds. Frustrated with the lack of truly natural options on the market, she began crafting her own skincare products which in turn led to her deep dive into self-education in wellness, holistic living and herbalism.

A Southern California native, KC's love for nature and plants started at a very young age at her grandparents' ranch in the Central Valley of California. Developing her green thumb from her Nana while spending endless hours in her incredible garden, she learned the delicate balance of growing abundent plants while focusing on what's in season and that raspberries always taste best picked right off the vine.

The knowledge she gained from her Nana, combined with her intuitive talents with the natural world, came together to form Franny and Jet, a company devoted to helping people take care of their skin and home, naturally. Creating her own concoctions to meet her needs taught her that skincare doesn't need to be complicated; it just needs to be simple, effective, and as close to Mother Nature as possible. Opened in 2015, Franny & Jet (formally Made in California), is a manifestation of her belief that all people should have a little everyday magic in their lives.

Focused on expanding Franny and Jet to include a family farm and mobile shop, KC will be relocating the F&J headquarters to a lovely little seaside town in Southern Oregon in the Spring of 2019; her own little slice of Owens' magic for her and her three pug kids, Fergus, Gracie and AnnahBelle.