bout to go coastal herbal body soak WS

bout to go coastal herbal body soak WS

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notes of lemon + eucalyptus + lemongrass + lavender + rosemary

Don’t let the surf be the only thing gettin’ on up.

Get your bod to the beach and hang all 10, inches that is. Catch our driftwood? Swim where you want!

Go coastal with this aromatic blend of lemon, eucalyptus, lemongrass, lavender, and rosemary by adding to the bath and soaking away.

This carefully cultivated blend combines an infusion of ground organic lemon peels, lavender, lemongrass stalks, rosemary, wild foraged eucalyptus leaves, kelp from Southern California with epsom salt, dead sea salt, hand-harvested, solar dried Pacific sea salt from Monterey Bay California, ground oats and a blend of pure essential oils. Use as a body soak, a foot soak and more.

available in 2 sizes.

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