don't be a prick herbal body soak WS

don't be a prick herbal body soak WS

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notes of clove + cinnamon + lavender + sage + basil + tea tree

Giddy up and go on a desert trip.

Lose yourself, and your inhibition, with the beat of your heart and the scent of the desert sands.

Bask in the desert sun with the aroma of clove, cinnamon, lavender, sage, basil and tea tree by by adding to the bath and soaking away.

This carefully cultivated blend combines an infusion of ground cloves, ground cinnamon, organically grown lavender, sage, basil, thyme, and hand-harvested pinyon wood shavings from Mexico with epsom salt, dead sea salt, hand-harvested, solar dried Pacific sea salt from Monterey Bay California, ground oats and a blend of pure essential oils. Use as a body soak, a foot soak and more.

available in 2 sizes.

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